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Due to the large customer base we service we are unable to offer sponsorships to individual race teams. We strive to provide the same level of service for all of our customers regardless of location, type of racing etc.

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RE Suspension does offer a dealer program for select shock and suspension related businesses.

All inquiries to become a dealer must be submitted and approved

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We do not sell or service shock dynos here at RE Suspension.

We do carry some parts and accessories for the dynos here but for all other inquiries please visit Roehrig’s website at:

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Twin tube shocks are as the name describes. An outer tube houses an inner tube in which the main piston travels. A gas bag or foam membrane allows for oil displacement as the oil travels from the inner tube to the outer. These shocks have little to no rod pressure due to their design.

Monotube shocks are a single cylinder that contains the main piston assembly, oil and (usually) a separate nitrogen chamber. The nitrogen chamber keeps the main oil column stable as the main piston travels through it.

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Follow this link to our comprehensive outline of how to read your dyno graph sheet

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